Death Dialogs

All things end of life; from one-on-one sessions, family discussions, resources, spiritual counsel, processing through movement, sound & art practices, plant medicine, nature therapy and the being with of anything that supports you and your family around conscious dying or living and dying well.

6 Months to Live Project

Facilitation and space holding in a community project exploring what would it be like to have 6 months to live. Group meets monthly to discuss action items, hold discussion and share findings and feelings.

Make a Death Shroud Workshops

Spend 30 days planning, creating and sleeping under your own death shroud. Includes writing, discussion and materials. To find out the date for our next workshop or to schedule one for your family or group, please get in touch.

Grief Dance Rituals

Curated, lightly facilitated dance journeys as a way to process grief. Individual or group sessions.

Death Bed Installation

This installation has been set up in art galleries, at dinner parties and private workshops. It is a private hospice/death bed where one spends time contemplating what comes forward if you had one week, one month or one year to live. Installation can be set up with discussion to follow on accessing grief through regret, an action plan for advance directives and practical action items for getting things in order on all levels of being.