THE AUTHENTIC CLOSET -  Personal Styling Services // Wardrobe & Lifestyle Refresh

The Edit

In-person closet consultation and editing service.  Reassess and refresh your existing wardrobe, find new combinations and identify needs and desires based on your lifestyle and how you want to express yourself through your personal, authentic style.  // $80 per hour in person or videochat

Monthly Memberships

Our goal is to make it as easy as can be for you to have effortless style.  Let us online shop for you and enjoy receiving customized style pulls based on your needs (and the weather!) that month - have a destination wedding or a fancy event to go to?   Let us know and we'll put together a personalized selection of great options for you to try on at home.  3 customized tiers available to choose from that include curated just-for-you style pulls, live video chat consultations to integrate your new favorite pieces into your existing wardrobe and easy returns for what you don't want to keep.  It's like getting birthday presents in the mail every month! 

The Echo Park - 1 shipment per month of 5 pieces // 30 minute live video chat consultation // $45 per month

The Silverlake - 2 shipments per month of 5 pieces each // Two 30 minute live video chat consultations // $80 per month

The Hollywood - 2 shipments of 8 pieces each per month // Two 30 minute live video chat consultations // Weekly check-ins via text or video chat that can be used for outfit consultations, shopping support and closet edits.  // $150 per month

*Unlimited weekday text consulting for an additional $28 per month

Stylist Bestie Shopping Spree

An in-person service that's like having a fun friend with lots of styling experience take you on a shopping trip.  We make a plan of what stores to hit, either in your home city or on your visit to our base in Los Angeles, and we pick out, try on and personal shop together 'til we drop!  Based on an hourly rate and customized to fit your needs, this service works best once we've had a chance to edit and assess your closet so we can fill in any gaps you have and know your inventory before hitting the shops.  A great gift to give and lots of fun for just you or a small group of friends.  // $100 an hour


How it Works - You create an online profile that includes your sizing, color, style & shape preferences plus payment information.  We keep an updated purchase history and updated image library of your closet and keeps that we reference for your monthly pulls.  Pulls go on your card and anything you decide to return goes back on your original payment method.

To get started, fill out the form below with all of your details and we'll give you a call to chat about details and answer any questions you might have.  We can't wait to have fun with you!


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